Write Well

Write Well is Write Course’s flagship writing course. It is a day-long course that gives participants skills to help them write with greater clarity, accuracy, speed and confidence. It covers the principles of writing clearly, how to target an audience, editing skills, and common errors in grammar and punctuation.

Like all the courses offered by Write Course, Write Well is hands-on; participants should come prepared to put theory into practice.

Write Well is fast-paced, enjoyable and informative. There are lots of opportunities to practice the skills discussed and to ask questions about specific challenges. But don’t worry, you won’t be put on the spot – unless you choose to be. Courses are conducted in an inclusive, non-threatening style. Who would have thought learning about apostrophes could be fun! Seriously – we have a lot of laughs but we get a lot of work done too.

Participants are encouraged to bring an example or two of something they are currently writing or have recently written. This provides the best way of getting practical and relevant advice on how to improve your writing. Book shelf 1

This course can be held at your workplace for groups of between five and 14 people. If you have fewer than five people, we suggest you sign all attend a scheduled course. Or, better still, find a few more people in your workplace and book for a larger number. Experience shows that groups of less than five do not have sufficient group interaction for participants to gain the full benefits of the course. The biggest advantage of having a course in your workplace is that the content can be specifically targeted to your business and we can deal with specific examples from your everyday work life. It also provide a fabulous team-building opportunity. But the most valuable aspect of a customised workplace writing course is that it puts everyone in your organisation on the same page. Literally. The ongoing support available within the workplace when a group has completed a course together means that the things learnt in the course are solidified in coming weeks and months.

Isn’t it time you started to Write Well?

Contact Write Course to book Write Well for your workplace or sign up to a scheduled course.