Writing Courses

Write Course provides training for professionals who need to write well every day. If you write reports, minutes, letters, emails, submissions, articles or media releases and would like to do it better and more easily, Write Course can help you. We specialise in teaching writing skills to people for whom writing is part of their work, but who don’t consider themselves to be professional writers.

The way you write is part of how you present yourself professionally. Learning to write well, or brushing up on the skills you already have, improves your professionalism.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could write faster, more accurately, more succinctly and with greater confidence? Wouldn’t it be good if you could clear up those niggling questions you have about grammar and punctuation? How confident are you when it comes to apostrophes? Can you explain your latest research in a way that someone outside of your field understands, without dumbing it down?

Writing well isn’t that hard – if you know the principles and have a few techniques to use. Write Course is in the business of teaching those writing skills. Courses are regularly held in Perth, Western Australia. Anyone is welcome to come along to one of these courses, although they are specifically targeted at professionals who know a lot about their subject and need to communicate it to a lay audience. If there are more than four or five people in your workplace who would benefit from improving their writing skills, we recommend you organise a customised writing course.

The approach Write Course recommends and teaches is summarised in the free download Top tips for writing well.

Contact Write Course today to take the first step towards improving your writing.